Editing Date on Log Entry

Right now, Pooldash auto-assigns a date to each pool history item & doesn’t let you update it.

This can be frustrating if your workflow sometimes involves entering data after-the-fact. @paleddar brought this up here:

Can we do something like this (what do you think, Katie or @cole)? The thought is that users would be able to edit the date / time by selecting it:

Technically, we’ll probably end up saving 2 dates for each log entry:

  • auto-assigned date when the user actually entered the data
  • user-supplied date (if they edited it)

We’ll always display the user-supplied date (if it exists), but data-exports will include both dates. In general that just seems like a safer design, but it might also be useful in the future for audits… by the health inspectors, or by warranty departments. I suspect that many people will value this immutability in the long-term, but it’s just a guess for now.

^^ what do y’all think? Any feedback is welcome.

@gazzini I think it’s a great idea for users to be able to input a manually date. This allows people to go back and log older entries with the correct date and time, also useful when multiple days of entries need to be logged. Great idea!

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That sounds great. The audit feature as unchangeable is great. If there is an audit and the date discrepancy is questioned, the user will have to come up with a viable explanation… I would recommend at minimum keeping a paper log book that can be referenced as a backup.

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Thanks @katiehorbal for the design here – we’re going with this for V1. Pressing the date will bring up a system-standard datetime selector (on iOS, that’s the flat-rolodex-scrolly thing).

Alright, this feature is pending Apple’s approval. It will be available in version 1.9 (should go live… tomorrow?) Here’s a quick demo: