Edit bug in number field


Just started using this app as I have used Pool Doctor casually for past year. That app was full of bugs and quirks but it was usable.

This app seems a lot nicer but I notice I don’t seem to be able to modify the numeric field, say when the app proposes u add 1543g of calcium but I want to just add 1000g. I don’t seem to be able to delete the number or make changes to it in the number field.

I am on iOS 14.6, iPhone XS Max. I don’t see any other thread in this forum complaining about this, but I as this is a simple app, I also can’t see that it’s a user error.

Is there a setting or something that I am missing? A bug in the App? If so, hope to see an update soon.


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Hey P, thanks for posting in the forum… and yikes!

It’s definitely an app problem – editing the recommended dosage doesn’t work on the treatments screen. Also, the “Done” button is the wrong color… I’ll take a look at that whole screen. Looks like the Readings screen is still working like normal, at least.

Sorry for the slip-up, I’ll push an update out today & post updates here (Apple might take a couple of days to approve it).

Thanks for reporting, let me know if you come across anything else!

Good news – the bug is patched, and the update (version 1.8) is “waiting for review” on Apple’s end, which means they should release it tomorrow or Friday.

Thanks again for reporting, @paleddar!

Apple was faster than normal, update is available now:

Let me know if it’s working for you too!


Thanks for the quick update, that’s impressive support!

Yes it seems to be working now. I am able to edit the figures and save.

One other thing that’s missing, was on the Pool Doctor before was the ability to change the date and time of the historical record that’s was saved. Of course you shouldn’t edit historical records (apart from genuine corrections), but that’s the only way to edit date and time in Pool Doctor.

Would be great if Pool Dash have similar ability or better yet, allow changes in date and time at the point of entry. Circumstances such as when you entered your later than when u did the job, or if you simply forgot and wanted to enter it when u remembered.

Appreciate your work on the software and I look forward to follow this app and it’s progress.

Thanks again!

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Oh, and, btw, brilliant idea on doing your bug fix over a video blog post for your users.

Awesome way to also market the app, while showing you actually fix the issue.

Well done! :+1:

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Awesome, I’m glad it’s fixed!

We’ll add the ability to edit log entries (especially the date) soon…I’ll start a new thread about it next week.

Thread for date-changing is here: