Data Storage/Exports

I just started testing of our new pool yesterday and your app is the best by far. I will be required to keep test records for my warranty. Is there anyway to download/email test entries or anything planned for a future release?

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Thanks for the praise, I’m glad you like the app so far!

Sure, I’ll prioritize data-export soon. I have a few questions that will help:

  1. I think I should add a button on the pool-details screen that will just export the data for that 1 pool. I might add an option to the settings that will export all the pools… but you probably only have 1 pool anyways, right?

  2. I’m not sure what to do with the .csv file after generating it. It miiiight sometimes be too big to email, but not for any reasonable users… I’ll probably just open the phone’s system share-sheet (the thing that asks you to copy, text, save-to-photos, etc… depending on the file type). This might also support custom spreadsheet apps you have, and I think email is an option anyways.

  3. Do you have a preference for the row / column layout?

Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. That’s correct. I would only have 1, but I wouldn’t mind having to use an export all feature from the settings screen just to keep things clean.
  2. Using the default share-sheet sounds perfect… email, save to cloud, send to onenote, files, etc.
  3. No strong opinion on format. Single row per reading entry, flat with columns for each reading and treatment? I would only read back through the files if there was an issue.

Thanks again,

More questions on data storage.
I understand the issues of storing data to a central server. The cost, upkeep etc. However, is it possible to store the data file on a user device such as a NAS, DropBox, Google Drive etc?

I know I would like to have a backup of my data and also get from another device/browser/ desktop app etc.

The csv file is fine for a log export. Kinda clunky for data backup… have you thought more of a remote base of SQL lite or something like that?

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I’ll implement a cloud-sync feature this summer. I’ve been dragging my feet for 2 reasons:

  1. I want to do it right the first time so that I can support shared-pools & offline-mode.

  2. I want to be thoughtful about the business incentives (users pay me so I don’t need to sell their data). I think the existing model will still work, so I’ll let people have an account & sync 1 pool for free, but then charge multi-pool users.

I hadn’t considered letting users “sync” to their own device/service. It’s an interesting thought, but I’ve implemented custom cloud-provider sync in the past & had reliability issues. I think it’ll be easier to build, more reliable, & easier for users if I host it myself.

In the distant future, I’m hopeful that something like this becomes popular enough that everyone uses it: (it’s not currently feasible).

It’s funny – at my day-job, I actually work for one of the companies you listed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ya, I saw that in your bio and chuckled. I just assumed that you found some issue with that or other services where the shared service had some issue of reliability or in the case of a user not having access to that location while out testing the pool (for whatever reason).

As I am more so a programmer of Windows and Linux I am way behind in the mobile app development. I know there are some issues to consider but this is one that I really feel would add value (plus, myself, I’d like to be able to use a Windows desktop app to get my information and add calendar reminders as well as log other information that really does not belong in this sort of app.

As an alternative, I know there are web hosts (*the one I use is this way) that have MySql and MsSql servers included in their packages at a really reasonable price. I have several databases that I access via my web apps as well as desktop and one mobile app I have been playing with. You have complete dbo/SA access.

I agree hosting the data yourself is much easier for the user. I also know that you ran into issues as a host and the business model did not really make sense. There might be a even ground there someplace. Maybe a 3rd tier program? As I am a true data geek there are things that I may wish for, but your normal user does not>>>? There is always something to be said for KISS!

Quick update on this –

We’re releasing cloud-sync later this month (:crossed_fingers:t3:). We had to implement sign-in-with-Apple and a few other minimum-requirements to get this approved by Apple, and we’re almost there. @vicmou (engineer) and Katie H (designer) have been doing a ton of work on this.

I think we’ll provide API access to your pool data, at least for pro subscribers.

So, the data-path will be:
pooldash app → pooldash cloud → any client with your API key.

Would you prefer a REST API where you make an HTTP GET request with your api-key & we return some JSON?

We could maaaaybe do GraphQL or some other newfangled stuff – I want to make sure we start with whatever you’re looking for, though.

PS – here’s a preview of the pool screen from the web (not available quite yet):