Should I add new properties to pool object?

I’m asking about this recipe:

I had a user from my old app, Pool Doctor, reach out & suggest that I tell people to turn the pool’s heater on when the temperature is too low. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just update the default recipe to include this. Instead, I had to create a new recipe for temperature.

The new recipe has a custom target range for temperature, and a treatment for “turn on the heater” that looks like this:

if (r.temp >= c.temp.min) {
    return 0;
return 1;

I could add this to the default recipe (and not create a new one for something so trivial) if I could add a check like this at the top of the function:
if (pool.heater) { return 0; }

However, pool.heater doesn’t exist yet. Maybe I should throw a bunch more properties on the pool? Or maybe I should create a section, pool.extras, and let users select from a long list of pre-defined extras that they might have on their pool (heater, chiller, anything…). That’s prooooobably the right move, I’m going to think on it a bit longer though.

HI @gazzini
I would like some additional properties as well.
One issue I have at this time is I did add a Salt recipe (wow, talk about doing some heavy calculations to get the formulas)

It works great with one exception… the default output is ounces. As a salt owner knows the measurement is in lbs. I could have converted to ounces but then the user would have to convert back to pounds.

Is it in the app, or is it possible to add a string to the measurements outputs?

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Hey Paul – this is great feedback. It certainly doesn’t make sense to default everything to ounces.

The data is structured to allow for unit-conversion on the mobile app, so it’s not quite as simple as adding a string… but I could add a dropdown menu so you can select the return-type of your formulas. Would this help?

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That would be very helpful to add a value for a measurement. I did see in the app where the user can select. Which to me is a double edged sword. That would be fine if a user whished to convert cups to gallons and the sorts… IF that was the case then there should be a ‘standard’ in the editor to use a value for all returns such as ounce and then have a selection on the app to display as a default as lbs and convert the ounces to pounds.

I am not exactly sure how that works and if it is a sticky setting to always return that value (I should research that conversion / setting more)?

However, in the case of my add salt calculation ( Salt Pool (motherly_mind_741):slight_smile: I send the value as a rounded value lbs. of salt. I can see where it could be specified that I return for instance ounces and specify a ‘default measurement’ of lbs as a rounded formula.

I understand that a string return is not as straight forward but is setting another value such as a boolean possible?

Right now in my salt generator setting function I do return one of 3 values (-1, 0, 1) and it is up to the user to know what each means of reduce output, okay, increase output.

I know that this may be a trivial setting, but I also know with the core app you have created, this is great to track. I don’t know if adding a current time and percentage reading and giving a suggestion would be a better way to go so the user would be able to look back and say that **** was a better setting and I should try that as a new base?

I’ll at least let authors specify a default value for the conversion. At the moment, the app remembers what units a user last selected for a particular treatment, but it would be great if they could sometimes start with something besides ounces.

For your SWG cell, I recommend that you:

  1. Create 2 separate treatments, “increase SWG setting” and “decrease SWG setting”

  2. For each of them, set the type to “task”, which is essentially a boolean (you must return either a 1 or 0).

It’s probably difficult to suggest a precise amount for the user to turn the knob – but I’ll put some thought into how I could support something like “0.3 revolutions to the right” in the future (don’t hold your breath :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

This is awesome feedback, thanks a million @psoup1965!

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Done! That is a great suggestion.