Shock with dichlor?

A lot of people have asked me if I can add dichlor to the list of options for shocking the pool in the Pool Doctor app.

Short answer:

no, but you can download pooldash and choose the “Default dichlor” recipe, and it will do the calculations to help you shock with dichlor.

Long answer:

Pool Doctor isn’t flexible enough, and mostly forces me to choose 1 single correct method of pool-care, with very few tweaks / exceptions.

It’s also tough to account for interplay between chemicals because of the way Pool Doctor’s calculation engine is designed, so it might have instructed you to both shock with dichlor and also add CYA. I wasn’t willing to risk it in Pool Doctor, but pooldash is better, and lets anyone make a recipe for anything, and you can even inspect those recipes to see the formulas yourself.

Here’s more info, and a link to the recipe: Shocking with dichlor... there's a recipe for that!