Hello from Grenada

Hi, loved the old app, love the new one too.

I live in thermostable sun tropical land, where I might walk out and see my pool being consumed by an iguana, a parrot, an eagle or a humming bird.

Maybe I haven’t spotted it yet but is there a way to globally set the units used when dosing the pool? Eg I use kilos and grams.

Re subscriptions, I only have one pool, but would be happy to pay the typical 5us for the app for 1 pool, though maybe you need to give 1-3 months free trial?

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Hi I am new here too.

I was able to change my units in the settings menu. Cog wheel top left.

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Welcome!! That’s awesome that you have so many cool birds in your pool area, we just get squirrels & the occasional crow in Texas.

Did you figure out the units? @me1 is right, it should be there in the settings screen, but if it doesn’t work exactly as you’d expect, I’d welcome the feedback!

Hi, actually no, on my iphone 12 latest ios, if i click on the cogwheel, i get units which sets how the pool volume is defined, plus scoops, which contains nothing so far. There is no ability to set the unit of chemicals globally.

I know when looking at the results of tests, i can say for each item i want it in oz grams etc, but thats a bit of a pain each time.

One other thing, here, almost everyone uses trichlor tabs, i asked about dichlor - the pool store said they have never used it? But theres no plan for trichlor?

HibI use iPhone as well. You are almost there. Now tap on the gallons and then it will open a new window and you can select litres etc

Oh I see sorry I know what you are meaning now. I just did a reading and when the results were reported I had to tap a couple of times to change my sodium carbonate requirements to grams instead of ounces

There is another topic started about trichlor, Tri chlor tablets and app hope that helps?

Not so far , no workable response?