Tri chlor tablets and app

Hi my name is Ken,. I was wondering if you Can you use this app if you use tri chlor tablets?

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In general, the chlorinator is more of an art than a science, meaning that every one is different. Things that can vary:

  • The number of tabs in the chlorinator
  • How open the valve to the chlorinator is
  • How many hrs / day you run your pump

Those are just a few – it’s hard. So, the app won’t tell you how many trichlor pucks to use, but you can probably get a feel for it depending on if your chlorine readings are high or low over time.

The important distinction is what type of granular shock you use – we have “formulas” for both cal-hypo & dichlor. That does matter!

Don’t use a chlorinator , just trichlor tabs in the skimmer

But of course trichlor is not cal hypo or dichlor so there is no prog for this, and this is what everyone uses here?

Hey bobrob, welcome back!

I agree that this is confusing – an old app of mine used to always tell people “put more chlorine tabs in the chlorinator” if the levels were low, but it’s actually ~impossible to tell if someone needs to put more tabs in or if they need to open up the flow-valve to their chlorinator.

I could include a reading for “how many chlorine tabs are in your chlorinator” or “what % is your chlorinator valve open?”, but it seems a little bit annoying. Really, dialing that in is more art than science… but still, maybe I could do something.

In a dream world, where the app knew you used trichlor tabs, what would you like to see when your chlorine levels are low? Maybe I can update it to do this :slight_smile:

fwiw – The app will suggest corrective dosages of granular chlorine if the level is low – it will basically tell you how much granule to add to immediately re-balance it, or to shock to breakpoint if necessary. Do you use granular trichlor as well, or something else for shocking (or do you just never need to shock?)