Wall type question

Greetings - my in ground pool is being built as we speak. So I am hoping to use this app for my chemistry. I am in the Philippines and the walls will be tile, which is the most common here. There isn’t a “tile” selection for wall type. So should I use “plaster”, which seems like the closest thing? Or can you add tile at some point in the future? Thanks much. Cheers - James

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Hey James, welcome to the forum!

I think it’s fine to choose “Plaster” for now, and I’ll add a tile option in the next update. I’ll post here once the update is available.

I didn’t know that tile walls were common in the Philippines – thanks for the heads-up, and congrats on the new pool build!

I just released update 1.1 to the app stores, and “Tile” is now a wall type option.

I’m planning to make the target levels more configurable in the next update; do you happen to know how the tile walls affect the target levels?

I assume things like pH, TA, and maybe calcium hardness will be slightly different.

Thanks for adding tile so quickly. As to your question…I am totally new to the pool maintenance world. However, I am a retired chemist and could speculate.

I would think that the glazed tile would be relatively inert, not adding or removing much of anything from the water. I would think that the grout would act similar to plaster, assuming the grout is a cementatious type of grout and not an epoxy grout. In my case, I am using small, mosaic type tile so the grout surface area would be fairly large So in my case, it’s sort of half and half tile/plaster. The grout would be an obvious potential source of calcium. I need to ask my builder if the grout will be sealed, which would slow down any calcium exchange.

Cheers - James