Trends Viewer Hiccup

iOS 16.0.2

In trends viewer my system shows several graphs for Salt. This happens when I select out of the 1M scale into another scale. In the 3M scale there are 6 graphs for Salt Level of one form or another. I tried to attach a screen recording to show this, but that file format is not supported here.

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Yikes – we might have messed something up when switching to the new formulas library a while back.

As soon as we finish implementing auth & online backup, I’ll be able to investigate more thoroughly… give me a few weeks.

Sorry about that!

All good, my dood. No apologies necessary. I’m only providing feedback to help make the app a better experience for all.

Since we’re on the topic of the trends viewer, when the timeline is increased from 1m to a longer period, there’s aspect I think could be improved.

The scale of quantity (y-axis) remains constant and the fluctuations in readings are less perceptible. Only massively outlying readings are noticeable.

If the scale on the y-axis can be variable to y-max/y-min, the longer period trend viewer becomes more valuable.

Does that make sense?

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Hey Andy,

I’m a developer working with @gazzini on Pooldash. Can you replicate the steps to get the multiple screens for Salt on the Trends page?


I have it saved in a screen recording on iOS. That format isn’t supported here. I can email directly if you’d like.

That would be great @andys. My email is

I think we’ve got a fix! @The_Real_Maximus9 was able to reproduce it (a pool needs a salt reading AND a salt treatment, at some point in its history, to trigger the case).

The fix will go live in the next update:

Hello @andys, we’ve recently released an update that addresses this issue. Charts now scale proportionally to the ranges of the values given. Update for the app store will hopefully arrive in a day or so. I’ll update on this thread otherwise.