Treatment Units

I’ve noticed that all the treatments are listed as units of weight (grams, kilograms, ounce, pounds). Does this mean you recommend using products in granular form? What about Muriatic Acid? This seems to be only available as a liquid.

Love the app. Very useful for a pool newbie like me. Thanks.

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So, you actually found a bug – thanks so much for taking the time to ask the question here!

The default recipe had muriatic acid listed as a dry chemical, not liquid – whoops! I just updated the recipe online, you’ll need to manually select the new version in the app (select pool -> select recipe name -> select “Default” from lower part of the list -> “Use Recipe”).

I’m trying to do this type of work out in the open, but it’s not really intuitive to follow along yet. Here was the spot I changed the recipe:

Anyways, thanks so much for using the apps & posting here – you rock!

Thanks for the quick revision to the app. Keep up the good work.

Recipe editor is great!

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