Thanks for the reply

Thanks John,
Just a little history on how i came to use pool doctor.
Im an Aussie living in Thailand. Nearly everyone here has a pool.
There are are literally hundreds of pool service companies available ( I’ve used a few). That have absolutely no idea about pool water chemistry.
The norm here is to run the water super acidic so it looks crystal clear all year round, then re grout the entire pool ( nearly all pools are tiled) every 2 years. They will all tell that this is normal.
After watching my first pool destroyed by these bozo’s, I removed all the tiles and put down Pebbletech. An awesome product that really changed my pool.
Not wanting to let the pool service companies destroy the pebbletech, i started to research water chemistry.
I was happy to share my findings with my neighbours and friends over a few beers.
Most thought i was just wasting my time.
I then purchased a Palintest 9 water test kit.
( they don’t come any better than this). A lamotte salt/tds tester was added to my tool kit and i was away.
I discovered pool doctor on the net and have been using this combination ever since.
My neighbours are now fully in agreement with the importantance of good water balance. The word had also spread to other pool owners who now bring their water samples to me for analysis.
Much cheaper than regrouting your pool every 2 years!
Thanks again John for pool doctor. I look forward to using pooldash with the same success.
:beer: cheers.

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