Sodium hydrogen sulfate

I’m asking about this recipe:

My question is:
Can I have Sodium hydrogen sulfate to be my Ph- chemical?
Today it’s muriantic acid.
Don’t want that :pleading_face:

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I also don’t love muriatic acid, it’s a little bit gross.

I created a fork of that recipe, and tried to replace the pH decreaser with sodium bisulfate. Let me know if this returns reasonable-looking numbers:

I’m also very open to feedback on the way I changed this formula. My process was:

This isn’t perfect – pH isn’t measured in ppm, so there’s not really 1 single “multiplier” value that works. In the current formulas, I break it down by pH ranges… and I just multiplied all of them by 1.33:

// This is not very precise, feel free to remix. It's another non-linear effect,
// where the multiplier is different depending on the measure.
let multiplier = 0;

if ( > 8.2) {
    multiplier = -.0036;
else if ( > 8.0) {
    multiplier = -.0037;
else if ( > 7.8) {
    multiplier = -.0039;
else if ( > 7.6) {
    multiplier = -.0040;

But this still isn’t perfect – it lacks any context about the total alkalinity. I might have to run my own experiments on it to see :slight_smile: