Sharing the software

Good day

Is it possible for me and my wife both loading the app and then I can see on my side if tests have been loaded. In other words, the apps on the two devices to be connected.

Please advise.

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Not yet!

Working on it… It will sort-of work on the website ( if you create an account, but it’s not a smooth experience at the moment.

We’re working on that, and updating the app soon!

Good day

Any updates on this request of mine?

Good day

Just checking in if you have made the changes yet to allow live data between various devices that are logged into the same account?

It would really assist me a lot in the way I utilize your great app!



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Still working on it!

I’d expect it to be about 2 months out at this point, I really want to get it right.

Thanks very much! I appreciate your response!

Any updates to this? I need to be able to see what my husband puts in the app in the field for billing and other purposes. Can we somehow share information?