Service Reminders

Hey! Just bought a Hot tub and have been looking for something to help keep my water looking and feeling good. This app is delish! Not only what I needed but looks so damn good too.

My hunt for an app was partially water care and partially something for remind me to actually do the regular maintenance etc required - thought I’d reach out and see if you have thought of incorporating a reminder function for things like shocking, filter cleaning, draining, replacing filters etc?

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Thanks for the kind words! My friend Cole helped me design it, I’ll pass along the praise.

We might build reminders soon – IMO, people probably don’t want push notifications from their swimming pool app, but maybe we could do some kind of calendar integration for a repeating event or something… great suggestion!

I tried to make a custom scheduler for pool owners a few years ago, and nobody really appreciated that feature… but maybe we could build it better, with streaks or something?:

Thanks, that looks awesome.

My main problem is I already use my calendar to schedule weekly filter cleans etc but they become lost in the rest of my calendar notifications and thus I have become slightly numb to them. I felt if it was a different app sending me the notifications I’d pay better attention to them haha!

Appreciate your response and look forward to see what comes in the future.