Salt entries are not on the app anymore

The app does not allow salt reading anymore? Salt level is not part of the entries anymore??

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Oh shoot!

Sorry, there was a bug in the last update where it just shows everyone the default formula, regardless of their selection or pooltype. I just pushed a fix, it’ll be available as soon as Apple can review & process the app (usually ~24 hours).

Here is the code for the fix (the whole app is open-source now):

Thanks for reporting!

Good day

I am not sure how to fix it with the hotfix?

Please let me know.


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It should be available in the app store now – if you update to the latest available version from the app store, can you actually use the salt formula again?

I’m mostly linking to the code for transparency – if anyone that stumbles across this is familiar (or willing to learn) React Native, they might be able to contribute or suggest really specific changes. But, really, I’m just experimenting with radical transparency – I think too many companies try to obscure the details of software development & make it unapproachable on purpose. I, however, am proud of the code I write & want to put it on display for all to see!