Preferences - units

Hey this is a great app! It would be even greater if you could really set the units for specific things specific parameters. I do see of course the option to set it in preferences but… I don’t think it’s working 100%
It would be great for example if you could tell it to give salt measurements in pounds Rather than ounces which it seems to be stuck on no matter what the prefs. Actually come to think of it for things like solve it would make sense to just set a default of pounds or kilograms of course

Hey – thanks for reaching out, I’ve got this feedback before so it’s clear that I have some work to do.

You actually can edit these things by tapping on the units themselves (screenshot here):

The app will remember the last unit selected for any particular treatment.

We’ve also updated the description on the pool-units screen to hopefully make this less confusing (I’m not sure if it will make much of a difference, though):

How else do you think we could make this more obvious? Maybe an interactive tutorial or something?