Pool Data source

I think your formulations for the pool data we give you is spot on. My concern is that the data we give you is dependent on test strips that are very subject to interpretation. How is the best way to get the data we supply you? Please explain your subscriptions, I am very interested.

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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for saying that you like the formulations!

The test-strips are convenient, but often slightly inaccurate. The colors are difficult to interpret, and they change rather quickly.

I prefer this test-kit, but many people have different opinions:
Taylor k2006

Eventually, I hope to partner with digital test-kit manufacturers, but I’m not quite there yet :slight_smile:

The subscriptions are pretty straightforward – you get graphs & the ability to save multiple pools in the app, plus you support our small team & the future development of pooldash. We’ll add more features over time (online sync etc…), but again, we’re not quite there yet.

Thanks for the response John. You were more than slightly generous in calling the test strips slightly off. My name is Harold from south Alabama and you can change my hlb name to Harold if you would like. I’ve had my pool for 30 years and used many ways to test and treat my pool. I do have the Taylor K-2006C test kit. I used it religiously for a few years but became to lazy to keep it up. It probably took me 15 - 30 minutes to complete the tests. With the good data, I could not find a good way to convert the data to a good treatment. Now that I have found you, I think I’ll dust off my test kit and use your service for treatment needed. By the way, I will subscribe. I guess I need to replace the chemicals in my test kit. I am retired and try not to spend money needlessly but I consider finding you and your service, money well spent. Thanks and have a good day.

John, I can’t find a way to enter a subscription. Please tell me how to do it.

I believe it’s an in-App subscription system. Go into Settings (Gear Icon), and you will see Subscription > Manage