Picture, before and after (my personal reporting daily)

Hey im new to your app ( it’s solid bro) and over the years tinkered with several others that were just either astetically displeasing lol, would freeze, fail or never even get past the first screen showing there app name. With that said , I work for a custom pool builder here in South Carolina, it’s a smaller company but we put in the ground some absolutely gorgeous custom pools tailored specifically to our customer’s dreams .

So I’d like to avoid paying a monthly fee to use one of the other terrible apps that bigger companies use like pool trac, etc . I am unaware if you are familiar w the other apps , but they have ways for daily routes , times and gps but I’m not looking for that bc I’m the only guy in our company that does every pool’s weekly maintenance ATM, I digress, so is there a way for each of my pools , to take a before and after photo , or a general photo of any leaks busts etc, and have it so I can attach and email or text to the homeowner? I hope that’s not asking too much or if even maybe also have the readings a lil condensed in such a way to have it appear without scrolling so a screenshot will capture each day readings w your time and date … This might be stupid to ask and if so I do apologize my friends!

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Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad you like the app!

For now, you can sort-of do this by:

  1. taking your own pics

  2. pressing the “email” button on the log entry after you save it:

  3. manually attaching the pics to that email:

In the future, we should build in better support for attaching images to log entries… would you prefer to have them on the readings or on the treatments screen? I guess it’s “both” if you want a before & an after pic… but I love getting your input, it’s not a stupid question at all!