Ph+ and - please!

On pool doctor it was really easier to understand what to add… now it is too technical… asking me to add muriatic acid, carbonate sodium… no idea what it is as here, in france , it’s only indicated ph+ or ph- on the box…
Can you guide me ?
Thanks !

Ph down is usually dry acid Sodium Bisulphate or Liquid Muriatic Acid.

Buffer /ph increaser is sodium bicarbonate

Ph up is Soda Ash /Sodium Carbonate

Just check the ingredients label on your usual products as every country has different labelling.

Check this thread out too

Thank you however still having problems with alkaline to high top of reading any help would be appreciated thank you

Hi so looking at message I got to lower alkaline the chemicals in ph lower
Or ph higher will help reduce alkaline levels

Hi I am doing everything needed but still ph and alkaline to high can anyone please help I can’t add no more chemicals to pool I am to worried as my grandchildren go in it I am now at this minute letting out half the pool water so I can refill with fresh water to see if that helps but I am lost both levels will not lower at all not one bit

Hi thank you for reply after all this I added dry acid Ect but after trying everything it turns out I tested my tap water to just see if that was problem and it was tap alkaline level was 340 so I filled pool only half way then added ph minus to see if I could get level in ranges was doing ok but after thinking if I lower alkaline to low then when add more water to pool with alkaline level of water being that high it would I thought equal it out by being to low then tap water being so high but no please I again have this to high alkaline level please help costing a fortune please

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I had a flipped situation in my pool recently (high pH, low TA). It wasn’t as drastic as yours, though.

I tried a few things, but what worked the best was the philosophy to:

First, lower what needs lowering
Then, raise the other one to ideal levels
… wait, test, repeat …

It’s just frustrating because there isn’t a great to move the pH and TA in different directions, but doing this a few times finally let me dial it in… anyways, for you, I’d recommend:

  1. Add a lot of muriatic acid to drastically lower the TA (lower it below it’s ideal minimum, you might have to break up the dose over multiple sessions to avoid adding too much acid at once)
  2. Add sodium carbonate back until pH is back within range
    … wait, test pH & TA, repeat the process…

If it looks like you’re coming closer to equilibrium, great! The downsides are:

  • Lots of chemicals in the pool
  • Chemicals aren’t free!

I really just don’t know of a great way to correct this situation, though. If this (or any other solution) happens to work, I’d be happy to code a special-case into the app!