Not enough sodium bisulphate

Hi, quick question.

I have switched from the pool doctor app.

So i am adding the required amount of sodium bisulphate to the pool as suggested by the pooldash app in order to lower my pH. However, the pH is increasing instead of decreasing. The amounts suggested on the pooldash app are a fraction of of that suggested on pool doctor.

Same data input and pooldash suggests 9.3 grams of sodium bisulphate and this number has only slightly gone up each day as has the pH even though im trying to lower it. Pool doctor suggests 221.8 grams of sodium bisulphate with the same data inputted.

Im obviously doing something wrong so any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

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I think you might be on to something here – the multiplier on a lot of our formulas that support sodium bisulfate is insanely low.

I forked @sgroombridge 's formula and changed the multiplier for sb (Sodium Bisulfate)… I actually increased it by 24x to -0.0081395.

@incredible-bulk , if you use the new formula “(Test) Sodium Bisulfate”, do the numbers look more reasonable?

Hi thanks for your help.

I have just inputted a few base figures and im getting a minus amount of sodium bisulphate required, ie its saying to take it out of the pool as opposed to add it but it is a definite change.

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Hahaha whoops! Do you not have a sodium-bisulphate-vaccuum lying around? I keep mine next to the wire-stretcher.

I just updated it to return positive numbers… try it again now?

Yep looks much more like it. I havnt tested to see if its the exact correct amount of sodium bisulphate but ita gone from recommending like 7.9grams to 228grams.

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Seems to be good now :+1:t2:.

Whilst i have you here, is there any chance you can add an input for phosphates with the appropriate actions in place?