LSI with other formulas


I’m new and just found you, I try to manage my pools with sodium hypochlorite and using the LSI method but the only one that shows is the default with calhypo is there a way to add the additional fields to get the LSI?

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Welcome to pooldash!

Thanks for this suggestion, I really should be able to add the LSI to a few more formulas – I’ll take a look tomorrow & reply here after I’ve done it.

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Hey any update on this?

I’m looking for the updated LSI feature

Me too! It should work with the default formulas now, but in general, the formulas are overly complex.

It should even more certainly be fixed after this bit of code lands (it’s not quite finished yet, but I’m trying to simplify how the formulas work).

I’ll check back in on Saturday, srry for the delay!

So, this lead to an even bigger refactor, which is surprisingly a lot of fun!

I’m live-streaming it on Twitch if you want to follow along: