Hydrochloric acid

Hello, I’ve been using Pool Doctor since a changed from a chlorine pool to saltwater a few months ago.

However PoolDash doesn’t seem to:
-Change from Muriatic acid to HCl
-have Pebblecrete as a surface (not sure if it’s that important)
-allow salt readings above 5000

Also, if you need to add sodium bicarbonate to raise total alkalinity, does it tell you how much HCl to add in order to keep the pH in range? Pool Doctor didn’t seem to do that, so I had to measure pH after adding bicarbonate (after a few hours) and then have it calculate how much acid to add, but it should be possible to estimate that in a single calculation?

Thank you!

Looks like Muriatic acid and HCl are essentially the same thing, except for some impurities :crazy_face:

Hey @theflaim, welcome!

I’m glad you’re using the app – to respond individually:

  1. yea, HCL and muriatic acid are interchangeable, just make sure to set the concentration right. I’ll add substitutes / brands / alt-names for the treatments soon to hopefully make this more apparent.

  2. Just select concrete – I have a PebbleTech pool myself, and there is maaaaaybe something to be said for custom ranges for calcium-hardness or pH tolerance… but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal (and people can already customize those ranges if they want). That said, maybe I’ll add another wallTypeValue here one day.

  3. Good news… you can actually enter salt readings above 5k. Just press on the number itself, and the keyboard will come up & let you type whatever you want (even out-of-bounds from the slider). Just be warned that the app is unlikely to provide great recommendations when the chemicals are out of range (but for salt, it shouldn’t matter much).

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes your tips seemed to work.

I compared the output of the calcs from Doctor to Dash. Doctor seemed to get the HCL volume correct. I found that if I set the Muriatic acid conc to 66% it would calculate the same result as Doctor.

So I guess I’ll just use the fudged value, but does that make sense?

Thank you!