How to import pool list from iPhone running pool dash?

Have been using PoolDash on iPhone and have a dB of pools that I would like to use on iPad. I have exported a .csv file to notes. Can I access this file?

We really should just build this into the app.

For context, we were eventually going to do this in a “good” way that requires an online account & a bunch of other stuff… but we should just build it into the app directly.

@maximus9 what do you think? Can you look into this?

We should update the screen that shows when you press this button:

To have multiple sections:

# Pool Doctor Import
bla bla bla 
<button>Import Pool Doctor Pools</button>

# CSV Import
bla bla bla
<button>Import CSV File</button>

I guess when you press the CSV import button, it should load the files app or something? We might also make it so that the pooldash app appears in the system share-sheet for .csv files.

Yes, I’ll take a look at this today and see what plan I can come up with for implementing this!

How can I import a cbd file from my accounting app?or iPhone contacts

Hello @acquanita,

Currently .cdb files are not supported in pooldash. Does your accounting app export any other type of document?