Help with sand filter

Hi can anyone please let me know I bought an intex sand filter model no SF40220 SX 925 had it up and running but to me it’s not pumping as people have posted on media sites also I thought it would clean pool surface but loads of dead flys Ect I have backwashed it and done this also due to the pressure reading at top end of green going into yellow after backwash pressure stayed same so repeated again anoth couple of times still can’t lower this at first had loads of deposits of sand on pool floor cleaned all sand filter department out but read if this happens can be down to wrong sand to fine well at nearly £50 a bag you would think that intex would
If any one knows of any videos to show how it should pump

Hey marcelle,

I’ve personally never used this model, but off the cuff:

  • I think that the pressure will be different in every pool / pump combo, if you baseline is in yellow, that’s probably not a huge problem. It’s a relative indicator – if the pressure increases above your baseline, it’s an indication that you should backwash soon.

  • Make sure you rinse after backwashing.

  • Did you buy the sand from intex?

I found a video by googling the model number you posted, I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but just in case: