Free, Open Source, and Patreon!

Some news:

  1. The app will now be free, for everyone, with unlimited pools + charts & trends.

  2. The app is now aggressively open-sourced, with an AGPL (copyleft) license.

  3. I’ve made a Patreon page for anyone who wants to support me.


  • I think that open-source software is important for personal liberty.

  • I didn’t have any fun working on billing-related features, and it was blocking some important feature updates (online sync etc…).

  • The semi-open-source formula system was very chaotic. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far, and now, we’ll make them even better!

Mobile app source code:

Formula repo:
(I’ll open-source it after this PR is finished, it’s still work-in-progress)

Watch me code here:
Twitch (nobody has asked for this, but I’m having fun, and my next stream will be Saturday morning at 8am central).

Let’s make this thing great!