Formula differences

New to this thing. First season with our 12000 gal fiberglass pool with SWC. Using the salt pool formulas. Why are the formulas giving me such lower numbers for 31% muriatic than what the pool store ( Leslies) is telling me. Example from today. PH 8.1 aky at 133. Leslies says 96oz app says 27oz.

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Did anyone answer you on this yet?

Well, I have noticed some differences with my hot tub. But only slight. A pool though can be a lot different as we’re talking about 500 gals to 10000 gals. It’s always better, at least for me, to do slight increases and decreases. As if something is too high, you may not be able to bring it down and have to partially or completely drain the tub or pool. So I know it may be different, but this is also a peer to peer thing, not scientific or professional I guess.

Leslie’s is known for overselling their products as they work off commission. I would suggest getting a good kit, as in a Taylor kit, this if you use your pool a lot. Or maybe the test strips I use which are preferred by a lot of pool and spa places near me. These are the Aquachek 7, 7 in 1 test strips. Taylor kit expensive but worth it if you use the pool a lot. But it does take time. So don’t think you’ll be out there everyday trying to check it. The strips. Cheap and inexpensive. Great for a check before you dip or if you need to shock. But you’d have a better idea before walking into Leslie’s. If your ph is high and alkalinity is high but they try to sell you other things, you know you don’t need them.

You may know all this already. But I figured start basic. And also if testing your own water make sure to go about elbow deep with a cup upside down then right side up to fill it pull it out then pour some out. Then test that water. Water on the bottom or top has a different or slightly different scale. Whereas the middle area typical is your best test results with less factors.

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Thanks for flagging this – given that both of you were experiencing slightly-too-low numbers, I did some “research” and decided to bump the recommendations a little bit.

Let me know if you think I should bump them even more – this will be included in the next app update, which might be a week or 2:

Also, if anyone is inclined to write a better formula (especially one that incorporates the resistive effect that TA has on pH into the recommendation), I’d be eternally grateful!