Dichlor & pebbletech

I need to switch to the dichlor calculation as sanitizer and don’t know how. It was there but now gone.
Also, can you add pebble tech as pool finish option?

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Sure – Dichlor is coming back as soon as Apple approves the next build! Here was the change: Adds Australian & Dichlor formulas by Gazzini · Pull Request #8 · pooldash/formulas · GitHub

Sorry I accidentally excluded that formula during the recent migration of formulas (from app.pooldash.com to Github). My mistake!

re: Pebbletech, I’ll give it some thought (and probably just add it). I have a Pebble Tech pool myself, the maintenance seems similar to plaster… but their marketing department swears it’s definitely much better :slight_smile:

It’s popular enough that I might as well just add it as an explicit option. It feels a little weird to add a brand-name in that list, but there’s no reason to die on this hill. Thanks for the suggestion! (that will come in a later release).