Developer Update: Sustainability

This is a big one – the tl;dr is that I’m changing some things up so your forum login will be different (you might have to reset your password via email). Nobody should notice any other changes… details below!


  • I took a 65% pay cut this year.
  • Nobody has ever made a pull-request on the open-source app or formulas.
  • I still love building this product.

What I’m doing:

  • Leaving the formulas open-source (that’s the important part anyways).
  • Close-sourcing the mobile app (nobody looked at the source code anyways).
  • I’m making the app paid (not a subscription, just a 1-time paid download)
  • I’m significantly changing (simplifying) the web-app & taking it offline in the meantime.
  • I’m deleting the few user accounts that currently exist (if you want your data, dm me… but it’s been years and there are like 10 of you).
  • I’m continuing to build online sync

What this means for you:

  • You’ll have to re-verify your email address to keep using the forum.
  • Your existing downloaded apps will keep functioning as normal (you won’t have to pay if you’ve already downloaded the app).

I love building this product, and this feels a bit like selling out – but money is tighter now, so I have to be more disciplined & less idealistic.