Developer Update 6

We just released another app update, and more importantly… the team has big news!

@shayne & @bailey & @cole have all received full-time job offers & will be “graduating” to go further their careers at fantastic companies… and meanwhile, I’m doing the opposite!

Starting this week, I’ll be full-time on pooldash, making it my mission to build the best poolcare app possible.

We’ve also got some new people joining the team that you’ll see in the next update – Victoria (engineering), Katie (design), and Kayla (marketing).

Anyways, here are some of the features we’ve built:

  • Volume estimator
  • “skipped” readings (enables LSI & DO-sat)
  • pool email addresses (optional)
  • monthly subscriptions
  • a significantly improved web-app

Oh, and shoutout to @sebas for continuing to do incredible work!