Developer Update 3

I just released another app version for iOS and Android! It includes:

  • The Galvanized Steel wall type (thanks @anna)
  • Custom Scoops (thanks @johan_l )
  • Auto-updating recpies (this will auto-apply fixes for bugs like the one @n8brooklyn found)
  • The app remembers the last units used for each chemical & defaults to that in the future (unless you use scoops)

Thanks so much for all of your feedback! In this video, I also talk a little about what’s coming up next:

Hey John, I have a question. I am not really sure if I have unlocked version f the app. How do I know? I paid the fee, which was I think $19.99 for a year. (It took a quite while to charge me), but on my app it still says “Unlock”…and you will be able to see charts, unlimited pools. I have now 8 pools, so I am guessing it went through but is it really and why if I paid it’s still on setting page of the app?
I paid the subscription on Sep 29, 2020

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Hey @kooha, you definitely did purchase the unlock, thanks so much for supporting PoolDash!

I took a look at the settings screen and I realized that you’re right, it’s not very clear. I just submitted an update to the iPhone & Android apps to change the Settings screen for users with an active subscription, hopefully it’s better.

I’ve included a screenshot below – the update should be available in the next couple of days (depending on how quickly Apple processes it):

Also, you noted that the payment process was slow… I’ll look into that soon, I’d love to speed it up if I can! Again, Apple & Google control the payments pretty tightly, and sometimes they’re just slow… but there’s also a chance that my code isn’t perfect (gasp!).