Changing formula

Hi I would like to change the formula for sodium hypochlorite 12.5%
Instead . Any help much appreciated

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Hey Chris, thanks for posting on the forum!

I remixed the default recipe & replaced the sanitizer, removing dry calcium-hypo & adding liquid sodium hypochlorite. The new recipe should load near the top, although it’s still hard to find in the mobile app (scroll way down haha):

“Default (Sodium Hypochlorite)”

Also, just so everyone has a sense of how difficult the recipe-editor is, I filmed myself trying to use it to make this recipe (and I’m the one who made it!).

Do not watch the whole video… it’s not for the faint of heart!

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I updated this recipe to use sodium bisulfate as the pH- agent, and renamed it to “The Australian”.

Moving conversation to “Recipes” category.

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I switched it (again) to 33% HcL & tweaked some numbers based on your test recipe.

I also fixed a bug on the website that prevented the recipes from running – whoops!

Thanks for all your feedback so far, I’m excited to get make this work exactly how you want it!

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