Canada Salt Formula

So, outdoor pool season in Central Canada [101 Long x 52 Lat] is about to get underway. I would like to construct a Recipe/Formula for what might be unique enough from the default. With severely reduced degree/days from the norm, short daylight hours, and a Jun/Jul~Sep/Oct usage time frame, I’m looking to include as much detailed information in this post. Hopefully, I can get some helpful insight on constructing the right Formula, and doing some practical test runs.
I plan on leaving as much basic info as can be obtained in this post, and make some requests for features as well.
If the forum master is agreeable, I plan to revisit this post and edit/ supplement as much info as possible. If I’m over stepping the guidelines of the forums, please advise and I will cease and desist.
Step 1 - Gather info!
Pool : AGB - Intex 15’ x 42" [457cmx107cm] - Metal Frame - Vinyl - Capacity 19,116 Liters. Useable depth 36"
Pump/Filter: Intex 637R Combination - Max Flow 1000GPH US /3,785LPH, System Flow 750GPH/?LPH - Type A or C filter.
Chlorinator: Intex Saltwater System KC 8110 - Titanium Cell - 24 Grams/Hour output - Minimum/Maximum Flow 700 GPH US/2650 LPH to 4000 GPH US/15410 LPH - Ideal Salt Level 3000 PPM.
Solar Heater: SmartPool SmartHeater 20ft X 2ft - ~10 degree rise over ambient?



I have recently created a salt pool recipe. The salt calculations are a formula and not a direct add x to raise y. Please try my recipe and see if it works for you. You can always use parts of it and parts of others to make your own if you are brave to dive into the programming.


Yes I have already looked at it and some others. See some features from diff formulas that i would like to add to one for my own use.
Thanks for the info, and will call on you when I get things going. Swim season is about to happen in Manitoba.

This is exactly the type of conversation I want to have on this forum… let’s do it!

If you get too frustrated with the formula editor, you can also just start listing the changes you want to make here & we’ll make them for you (although, it’d probably be more fun to do it yourself :slight_smile: ).

Step 2 - Do the Math!

Celsius = (Fahrenheit - 32)/1.8
Fahrenheit = (Celsius * 1.8) + 32

Liquid Measure - US, Imperial, Metric:
1 Gal US = .833 Gal Imp.
1 Gal Imp. = 1.201 Gal US
1 Ltr. = .219 Gal Imp.
1 Gal Imp. = 4.546 Ltr. = 160 oz.
1 Quart Imp. = 40 oz.
1 Pint Imp. = 20 oz.

Dry Measure:
18Kg = 40Lbs. (Saltec/Windsor Salt)
1 Lb. = .454 Kg.
1 Kg. = 2.205 Lbs.

1 Meter = 39. Inches
1 Foot = 30.48 cm.
1 Inch = 24.5cm

1 Cu. Ft. = 6.228 Imp. Gal. = 7.481 US Gal.
1 Cu. Ltr. = 1,000 Ltr.

1 US Gal. = 8.34 Lbs. = 3.78 Kg.
1 Imp. Gal. = 10.02 Lbs. = 4.546 Kg.
1 Imp. Ton = 2,240 Lbs.


Heat Panel:
20’ x 2’ = 40 Sq. Ft.

My Pool:
15’ *15’ *3’ Useable - Cu. Ft. (4.57 Mtr. * 4.57 Mtr. * .91 Mtr.)
675 Cu. Ft. * 6.228 = 4,205 Gal. Imp.
_________________4,205 Gal. Imp. * 4.546 = 19,116 Ltr.

Please alert me to any mistakes.



Step 3 - Put It Together!
With all pieces of the puzzle rounded up, Sunday afternoon we assemble the cleaning and proofing supplies. It’s been wintered over with about 12" of water, frozen solid from about middle November 2020, till about first of May.2021. The last of the gallonage goes onto the poor cedars, and various patches of ground around the homestead. It’s been a dry fiery spring. So out with the shop vacs, bilge pumps, septic lift devices etc. A brisk brooming on the vinyl floor, breaks up what has settled last fall before freeze up. Now with the vacuum’s sucking up the last of the water residue, a quick mop brings it into readiness for re-filling. It’s late into the afternoon, and we begin to fill from the city mains. As we have had a number of unexplained leaks in this pool. We are only going to put about 6" of water, and do some last ditch trouble shooing. A gravel base around the pool in a tightly enclosed yard space, causes a lot of small perforations. Never use anything thicker than sand as a base and pool surround. It will haunt you for the rest of the pools life. A little exploration reveals a few of last years patches, and a couple of new leaks, get our attention, and a liberal layer of waterproof glue and patches. About 9:15pm, we start the final fill sequence. Even though we are feet away from the pool area, a pool fill reveals a lot of loose things you thought you have tightened. So after about two hours of filling, we have about 12" of depth, and we shut down for the evening.
Monday morning at 7:00am the water is un-leashed again. and 18" come’s after about 2 hours. A few stops and observations, and we continue to fill. About 6:00pm, we have reach mear inches from the 36" level that we have deemed the max fill. Only 2 more inches and the natural frame/vinyl/support system will drain excess away. After we retrieve the pool cover from storage, we batten down the edges with tarp clamps, and call it a night. no rain on the horizon yet.
Tuesday Morning calls for another item to be attached, and the pump/filtration unit is installed, and all 6 leaks are finally resolved. If you have problems with unsolvable drips, try about 6 good overlapping half passes of the medium strength (pink) Teflon tape, even on slip on connections. It seems to have been the cure for my system anyway. Next we hookup the lonely heating mat. a 40sq,ft. single unit, now separated from it’s previous twin. Too many holes to make the old one worthwhile, so have a new set (x2) of 2’x20’ mats for total of 80 sq. ft. absorption area. So one mat will have to do until later this week or next. So the remainder of the day is relaxing, and hoping the single heating unit will help to raise the pool temp a little at a time.
Wednesday morning is reserved, so in the afternoon, the old Salt system is checked out, and installed, and mounted in the near area of the pool next to the valves, and waterproof electrical system. One Cell seemed to have a bit of calcium build up from last years final days of use. So treatment to No.2 cell and a time soak. Couple hours later it is flushed, and examined. No further signs of build up. This one goes on the shelf as a spare, or until the build up requires one to be taken out of service, and instantly replaced with the spare.
The filter has been running, and all other items are installed. It’s raised the temperature on the pool about 6 degrees, and the weather is supposed to reach 27 -32C over the next few days. Rain for Sunday possible. So hopefully we will see another sizeable jump in the pool temp.

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Thursday, totally as a surprise in transportation, Canada Post sends a delivery notice that my Solar heating panels have arrived, and could not be delivered. Or an attempt a delivery failed. What it really means is that its somewhere in the local postal station, and its been registered as arrived, but nobody has bothered putting it in the lock box, Truth is, the person who receives the parcel, then creates the card, hands said card off to another employee who is already 2 hours behind in stuffing boxes. So I take my Amazon notice with CP ID number, and approach the wicket, asking for my parcel. No, I don’t have a parcel card, which is probably still wandering around the lock box area, in someone else’s stack of to-do’s. Post master grumbling as (s)he has to go to the back, find, and verify said parcel.
With heater in hand it’s near noon, lunch is still a ways off, and we set out to install two new panels, and retire the only eleven year old panel left. Two hours later, all items are installed, albeit a small adjustment to the mounting hooks and the water flows. Tighten a few hose clamps and re-Teflon a few threads and we are circulating the warmed water for the pool. Only a two and half hour down time. Amazing. 5:30pm comes along, and our 24 hour dissolving of the Pool Salt is completed. A quick check of the test strips, and we are near target settings. Except we haven’t yet run the cell convertor. First sequence calls for a 4 hour run time. 9:30pm comes along and the timing and results are rewarding. So tomorrow will be the first true run of the Salt Water Pool sequences for the summer.

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nitpick – you have a decimal in the wrong place for inch <-> cm.

everything else seems :+1:

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“…approach the wicket, asking for my parcel.” hahaha

Let’s get this pool fired up! I’d love to see pics of the new panels installed – I’m impressed you got 11 years out of your last one.

So this is where the rubber hits the asphalt.
The readings I get “from those flimsy sticks” is as follows:
2.5 Bags of Windsor Salt for my 19000ltr resulted in 3000~4000ppm
FCI = 1 ppm
Alk = 140 ppm
pH = 7.6
TDM = 350 ppm
Pool Temp Avg: 65~75F (18 ~ 24C)
Ambient Temp Avg: 60 ~ 89F(16 ~ 32C)

At the moment it looks like the Alk is a bit high, FCI is a bit low.
Running the Salt formula from PoolDash suggests 206 grams of Phosphate Rmover and a backwash session.

Any other thoughts on what can be adjusted?

Did a 4 hour run on the Cell convertor suggested by Intex on a first run sequence.

Normal run time will be 3 hours.

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