Buffer increase while keeping Ph

This was the print out from the pool shop.

Fibreglass pool Alk low 67

Ph slightly high 8

He’s stating 4kgs buffer and 600ml hcl acid to counter the ph increase from trying to increase Alk .

I worked out 3.5-3.6kg buffer was needed and added 600ml acid .
I’ll report back tomorrow see if everything settles in the correct ranges .

If it does we could use this to work out the math on it within your app to compensate the ph raising to much with the Alk increase needed.

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Those numbers will be great to sanity-check against, along with other info & pool-calculators out there.

I’d really like to run actual experiments at some point – there is a lot of second-hand information on the internet, and it would be really cool to actually run tests and publish the raw data & results one day (not today, but soon?).

What were your results? Were they similar to the results from the online calculator that you emailed? If so, the major differences (so far) were:

  1. Dosing the wrong amount of HCl acid to lower PH
  2. Not dosing any HCl to lower the TA.