Balancing chemicals

I have never owned a pool before… learning fast. I have concluded that the pool maintenance was a waste of my money….so I’m doing it now.
My question is : I was first using calcium hypo-chloride as my shock, fought pH levels constantly and it was etching my pebble-tech. I switched to Dichlor…I’m still battling pH and algae. I sweep it weekly and it comes right off, 3 days later it’s back. At one time I drained pool and chlorine washed before filling (May 2022). What am I missing… I use muratic acid for ph and the Dichlor for CL levels. Still fighting… suggestions are welcomed. Also let me add, I live in southern Nevada desert, so heat is intense.
Thank y’all’s I’m advance…

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Sorry to hear you’ve been fighting algae! That sucks, especially after draining / washing / refilling.

I can think of ~3 things:

  1. If it’s a cartridge filter, replace the cartridges (or, at least, clean them by rinsing with a hose & maybe even dipping them in muriatic acid).

  2. Your phosphates might be high – this wouldn’t have got past the drain / refill, but it’s generally a good idea to use something like this after sweeping & shocking to clear up algae:

  1. Make sure you add extra chlorine granules before sweeping up algae – the idea is for the active chemicals in the water to attack & kill the algae when it clouds into the water so that it doesn’t settle right back down after some time.

Do any of those sound potentially useful to you?

Thank you much for the quick response… I did clean the cartridge filters good when refilled. There’s 4 big ones. I’m gonna lean them again and see.
About the algacide, I have a 20k pool. How much do I add? When do I add? After chemical balance?
I have also been sweeping before chemical addition. I’ll try with adding some Dichlor granules first. And do I add it as a maintenance?
Thank you much.
I’ll update and let you know what happens.

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Hi there if you are battling with black algae and you are using trichloroisocyanuric tabs and dichloroisocynuric acid chlorine granules you need to up the chlorine intake. Black algae surfaces when the ph is unbalenced and the chlorine is too little. Brush pool and then put more chlorine in. The tabs i assume are 200g which treats 25000l each. Measure your pool in length and breath and average depth to get litre amount. For average pool it is 2 pills in weir and 2 cups dichlor granules per week. In excessive heat you may have to add a bit more as the hotter the temperatre the quicker the chlorine dissipates. You can add an algaecide to kill off algae as well.