Aloha from Hawai'i

Aloha, I am Paul from Kailua Kona, Hi.
After growing up with pools in central California, I spent 20+ years without a pool when living in Oregon. Several years ago we became empty nesters and moved to Hawaii. This past fall we found a home with a pool and decided to make it ours.
When we got the house the pool chemicals were way out of balance and the only thing to do was a complete drain. However, the pool needed re-plastering and we were at the mercy of the contractors. Finally after several months we have our new pool, converted to salt and finding out that the chemical balances here in Hawaii are harder to maintain than they were in CA as a young adult.

I have been looking for a good tracker app which will guide me through the proper chemicals and amounts to add.

I also have a spa and wish to track that too so I will be making a purchase of this app subscription.

As a professional programmer I understand the concepts and issues that John has faced. I am willing to join his family of users and will continue to support as long as the app delivers as stated.

Here’s to a hopeful long relationship John!

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Aloha, Paul!

I’m honored you’re using the app.

We’ll do our best to make it great.

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