Acid muriatic and ph-?

This app is more complicated than the old one.
It give me new words and can’t understand what to add in the pool.
What is muriatic acid ? Is it the same as the ph- ?
App ask me to put 480 millimètre of muriatic but can’t find what it is.
Thanks !

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Muriatic acid is a liquid chemical… yes acid… that you can pick up at any pool supplier. It is a strong chemical do not splash it, add it to water and not water to it. Be careul of the fumes.

However, if you don’t use that (which it sounds like you don’t) pick a recipe that uses the chemicals that you do normally use in your pool/spa care.

That is one of the flexibility of this app is that you can use a formula for your specific situation.
If there is not a specific setup for what you use then if youbare brave you can make one that matches your care, or post what chemicals you use and ask for help in customization for your needs, I am sure someone can help you out.


I went to the pool shop, they have mainly ph+ And ph- and chlore shock if big problem in the water.
Not this acid. I will investigate further…

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Hey @Jeando17300 – welcome to the forum!

The names are definitely confusing – we’re designing something to address it here: Product names vs chemical names?

For now, I would check what the active ingredient is on the ph- product. If it’s not a liquid, then it’s probably sodium bisulfate or something similar, in which case this formula would probably work for you: