Pool Doctor, now Pooldash! Requests!

By far, I feel pool doctor and pool dash have been the best iOS apps for a home owner taking care of a pool. As I have told my friends, this is the go to app to use for simplicity.

Here’s my feedback:

  1. I wouldn’t mind supporting Gazzini. I’m just not a pool company servicing 25 pools per week. Maybe subscription is not the way to go?

  2. I have said this before, I think this is the easiest app to use managing your home pool together with a color-Q computer. However, sometimes I “glitch” sitting outside in the Texas sun adding chemicals. Is there any chance you can add the simplistic terms back into the app like calcium hypochlorite is “shock” and hydrogen chloride is “acid”? - I know this is silly but sometimes I have to take a look at my chemicals to remember.

  3. Add back the “simplistic” terms from pool doctor explaining why we are doing this. “Add acid to lower the PH” - Maybe silly but I liked the reasoning!



Also, didn’t really introduce myself. I’m Pete from the DFW area…

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Welcome to the forum, Pete! Thanks for recommending my apps, it means a lot.

  1. I hear you – I myself have subscription-fatigue, and I’m open to other options. What payment model would you recommend?

Here’s the subscription data over the last year – we just hit 96 paid subs as of this morning (growth rate looks decent, but the numbers are tiny):

  1. Great suggestion, we’ll bring back the common names for chems. I had received several customer emails from Pool Doctor users who didn’t understand the nicknames, so maybe there’s a way to have both… I’ll start a separate thread to discuss this.

  2. Another great suggestion, we’ll also bring back the explanations… those were fun to program! It will take some consideration (we treat that screen as more of a checklist now), but we can certainly do it… I’ll start another thread for that one as well.

Thanks for the feedback Pete… and happy Friday!

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I’d love to grab a beer if you’re ever in Austin!

Yep, sounds good. For the financial model, maybe offer something like Plex Pass does. Either subscription monthly, annually, or make it a lifetime option. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep considering the pricing options – that Plex lifetime plan is hilariously expensive… I think I’d feel weird charging $100+ for a lifetime Pooldash unlock at this point… I’ll keep looking into it, though.

I should be able to implement the rest of your feedback quickly, though:

Your 2nd point:

Your 3rd point:


John the Handyman here. From the DFW area of Texas. This might seem silly, but would it be possible to rearrange the readings to fit my particular test kit. My current smart strips list hardness first, total chlorine 2nd, free chlorine 3rd, pH 4th, Total Alkalinity, 5th and Stabilizer Last. Being A.D.D. and dyslexic makes an anxious mess out of my brain when I’m trying to do the readings. I’ve had other test strips that list them in a different order, so it would be nice to rearrange them to fit my test strip of the moment.
Also on Payment… I have one pool. I did help a friend out with their pool a few years ago, but more than one pool isn’t likely. I have a few apps that I love that I don’t mind paying their $4.95 yearly fee because they help so much. $20.00 ($19.95) is to much psychologically for me to spend on an app that I’m only using on weekends. $5.00 is nothing. I consider that a donation to the brains that make my life easier. Maybe only give us 2 pools at a time, but really I’d pay for just my pool. I would like to be able to see trends of my treatments, but more pools has no meaning to me.

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@gazzini - One thing I thought about and maybe this is self explanatory… Am I missing something or is there no login information to your apps? Essentially, if I ever decide to get a different brand of phone etc. or something just dies… I cannot recoup any of my old readings right? Nothing is syncing to any cloud correct?

I have this cool cooking app called paprika recipe manager and it syncs my recipes etc. which works great cross platform.

Note: I spent 20 minutes on finding my login info but all I found was export. Users don’t login, right? Data is stored locally?

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Nice to meet you, John! I’ll make the readings re-arrage-able soon, and thanks feedback on price, I’ll consider that too.

(Sorry I’m out of town, so I’m replying short & sweet from my phone for now).

And we’re building cloud sync now, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready (probably in September). There have been a few other threads about it, but here’s a preview (of the auth screens, not that exciting haha):