Custom Scoop Sizes?

In the Pool Doctor app, users could save custom scoop sizes, so instead of the app saying:

“1.3 lbs”

It would say:

“2.6 blue scoops”

This was 1 less bit of algebra to do when sweating next to the pool. I’ll add this to pooldash eventually, probably in the “Settings” menu.

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Some products i have mention in weight in the instructions, other in cup/scoop sizes.

So it would be nice to have both options.

At the moment i’m still using pooldr because i need to create a recipe for my chemicals.

In the past i wrote it with a sharpy on the can:
Shock is 4 cups
Up 0,5ppm is 1 cup
And also 1 cup = 50grm

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So, for now, I’ll prioritize the custom scoops feature for the next release.

I’m trying to think through how I could allow either weight or volume… I might need to track an additional property for each treatment on all recipes… perhaps “density”?

It might be a challenge to communicate this in all areas throughout the app (is this volumetric ounces or weight ounces)? Although, for metric units, this is less of a concern.

Anyways, the custom scoop sizes (all volumetric) will be in the next app update, and I’ll keep thinking about a way to allow some treatments to be dosed for weight, and others for volume.

Question: do you ever use a scale to measure the weight of chemical, or do always use scoops, and manually calculate the number of scoops based on your known conversions?

I use a kitchen scale for shock granulate, and measurement cups for ph + & -.

For keeping up the daily chlorine level i use a chlorine feeder. Just fill up with the tabs, measure a few days and adjust the dial when needed.

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This is how I also do!